From small town punk, playing in a garage band with his Fender amp cranked to eleven - stomping on his wah-fuzz pedal, to becoming the Jingle King of Minneapolis, Terry has written and produced thousands of pieces of music for TV commercials...from Target to McDonalds, Pepsi to Perkins, Harleys to Hondas, and Golden Grahams to Billy Graham. He climbed the creative corporate ladder only to find disenchantment once there.

Thats when he got proactive. He wrote a book called Blue Collar God/White Collar God. (Thomas Nelson, 2001) He started telling stories about the one product that he knew could change people's lives - a connection with God. He knew because it changed his life.

Now he's taking this story on the road. He's created a two-part exercise for churches called Breathing Lessons. The Surprise Me Experiment, based on his book, Surprise Me, (NavPress, 2005) is a lesson in spiritually inhaling and is getting rolled out in business groups, churches, college campuses, and organizations of every kind across America. Terry's new book, Be The Surprise (NavPress, 2008) is filled with stories of spiritually exhaling, and puts a stamp of action on the Breathing Lessons exercise.

Terry spends much of his time traveling and speaking to audiences, encouraging this life of adventure, surprise, and learning to breathe spiritually. He and his wife, Mary, have three daughters, one son-in-law, and a disobedient dog. They live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Terry Esau (952) 476-2204 P.O. Box 474 Long Lake, MN 55356

"I've been waiting for Terry's "God" since my childhood - which included twelve years of perfect attendance in Sunday School. I can still hear my mother, Bette, on Sunday morning barking, "Wwwake up! You're going to church no matter how hung-over you are!" Fifty years later I "Wake up!" Just in the nick of time. And am I ever Surprised." Tookie Sanger - future author of Arnold: The Crime Fighting Pig
"Terry continues to take extremely difficult ideas and moments in life and present them in ways that are approachable. His books will inspire you to hold the balance of being the 'Surpris-ee' for others while continuing to see God's 'surprises' in your own life. His stories will not only make you laugh, but will give you vivid, mental pictures of how we are to love people and, as a result, love God."Jen Lake, widow of Kyle Lake, late pastor of UBC, Waco, TX